In “Museum of the alphabet of Albanian language”
Tribune scientific: patriot prominent Midhat Frasheri
Afet Jashari

Ministry of Culture of RM’s and Postgraduate studies at the Institute for the spiritual and cultural heritage of Skopje Albanians
Topic: Monastery, Congress and MIT patriot “Hat Frashëri
Monastery Congress is undoubtedly one of the Most Important events of the Albanian nation. There They laid the foundations of writing the Albanian language and reading Was the road to spread her everywhere spoken of Our written language. Although, unfortunately, in today’s city of Bitola there are very few Albanians, the establishment of the Albanian Alphabet Museum is One That Will Never Allow Losing Albanian tracks in town this, much less to lose historical importancia of this city That has Albanians in general.
By Organizing scientific a debate on historical events That occurred in city this, the Albanian Alphabet Museum is Proving the roles That is affirming moments and historical figures related to the congress of 1908, as well as throughou history Until crack That Congress led to the CONCLUSION in question . With the Congress of Monastir, Which is known to have occurred on 22 November 1908, the patriots of time that, Participants in the congress from all Ethnic territories Albanians, crowned the Efforts of Many patriots generations and people of the pen to create a alphabet for general use pan . This in a speech confirms Also Grameno Who Said Michael: As much joy and eagerly wait for the congress first day of national joy and impatience Was the Delegates.It Should Be That noted the congress wasn’t only a gathering of language, a national congress on soft Important matters of national movement Which Was attended by 32 Delegates WHO represented 22 different clubs and patriotic cultural society, at home and abroad. For the president of the congress Delegates Decided to award a Covenant patriotic Midhat Frasheri and as vice president Were Elected Gjurakuqi Louis and George Qiriazi and members Ndre Mjeda, Sotir Peci, Bajo Topulli, etc. For historical event of the Albanian meeting in Bitola Midhat Frasheri a case Would Mean Congress of the Albanian alphabet is a national event Marked the eve of Independence declaration of Albania on November 28, 1912. Unification of ABC’s is the first tree of the congress, there is another soft Greater Need any more trees and beautiful and it is the Unification of Albanians. Former therefore a new event at this meeting, Where We saw side by side Gheg and Tosk, Christian and Muslim imam and a priest. If the foundation of a lifelong union of Albanians Said Midhat Frasheri. But the dream and the idea of Delegates and the developer’s willingness won’t last much SINCE Was this cultural revolution envisioned as a confirmation non-violent, very Quickly it HAD Become a dangerous fire. Patriots WHO Planned Boletini the idea of independence and Ismail Kemal Bey,Will hasten to proclaim the independence of Albania in Vlora on November 28, 1912. After Several months Balkan War broke Bitola and Skopje, Where two historical cities of the Albanian Majority Were occupied by Serbs. All shops and English books Were burned and Most of the Albanian patriots Were Killed and imprisoned, Where at my That the Albanian Citizens with Muslim religious affiliations Were authentication to Abandon the city of Skopje and Bitola, the while Albanian Orthodox Families WHO Were assimilated and sllavizuan Because Were the circumstances at the time.
Mmit’hat Frashëri  (1880- 1949) – me pak fjalë për jetën e tij
Mit’hat Frashëri atdhetar i shquar u lind më 25 mars të vitit 1880 në qytetin e Janinës, ndërsa vdiq më 3 tetor të vitit 1949 në Nju-Jork (SHBA). Ai u rrit nën kujdesin e xhaxhallarëve Sami dhe Naim Frashërit pasi që babanë e vet, Abdyl Frashërin, e kishte njohur shumë pak ngase ai kishte vdekur që kur Mit’hati ishte fëmijë. Pas mbarimit të shkollimit dhe edukimit akademik punoi në administratën osmane në Stamboll dhe pastaj në Selanik në administratën shtetërore.

It is Important to note That Midhat Frashëri on 4 April 1929 in His Will leaves His Albanian state property, movable and immovable property in order to create a Albanology Institute in Tirana, Which Will deal with historical resources studies. literary event, socio-cultural and Political Midhat Frasheri is multi-dimensional. It is considered one of the Most prominent intellectuals of His generation. During five decade of Communist rule he Was Investigated and called reactionary, etc. traitor. In 1908 he participated in the Congress of Monastir, Where as noted above, is Elected president of the Congress and Vice-President of the Commission Drafting of the alphabet. At age 32 and as much as I am, That I undertook to write more about this remarkable patriot,Whose activity should not infringed by scientific Institutions and cultural life of Tirana, Pristina and Skopje official, leave Istanbul and travels to Albania, crossing from Kosovo in Skopje and crack in Elbasan. In 1912, the independence of government Created by Kamal Ismail, Was appointed Minister of the world. Midhat Frasheri Was Also Involved in Journalistic and Literary Activities and translator of the works, Which Were published in “Calendar Kombiar”, “freedom and knowledge”, “Our Wounds”, etc.
Midhat Frashëri as prominent intellectual and thinker Worthy, at my That There Was Also His appreciation for writers and journalists, intellectuals as well as power. All These Were Estimates published in an article of Our well-known publicist, Salajdin Salihu.
This meeting Will highlight only a portion of Midhat Frasheri essays., for journalists and writers, men of letters couldn’t do anything for the civilization of a people and Its progress While the press HAD Said That Was the garden a moral life, the School of Political and social realities. For the intellectual, awakening a horizon of mind and morality with money and smooth feeling, depends on the beauty and importancia That will know we give intellectual life Through writing. While the ruler he stresses That Every nation has the government it deserves. She adds that rate the power of one man is little to undo an Entire government, soft enough to Rectify His personal affairs. Mit’hati Requires That everyone take Responsibility for the progress of a nation or state, not only Governors. He is Aware That f everything is left in the hands of government,
His work is Extensive, we have Also known as the reactionary traitor, soft on the other hand, from what we have written evidence or published, soft from the sayings Appears That Midhat Frasheri Was A WHO patriot has worked in the service of the Albanian people .
Although Albanians are not in Divided Many states, vision and mission patriot Midhat Frasheri and we shouldnt Can put in the service of pan-being. The torch lit by it shouldnt stimulate us to Become an example of European Societies.
November 2015, Bitola