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The initiative for the summoning of the Congress of Bitola, with the purpose of creating a single alphabe for the Albanian language, was taken by the Albanian
club “Bashkimi” from Bitola, a club which had the lead role among the Albanian clubs at the time.On the 27 of August 1908, on a previously brought
decision from the 21 of August, the leadership of the club “Bashkimi” from Bitola, announced its call, informing all clubs and societies, in and outside of Albania, of the suggestion for the organization of a Congress for the alphabet on the 14 of November 1908, on which: “We summon all Albanians, be it Toska or Gega, as well as any foreigners, especially philologists interested in
this particular issue, to attend this great Congress”.



Adults 100 MKD
Pupils and students 30 MKD

N. I “Museum of the Albanian alphabet” – Bitola, on each last Friday of the month has an open day for its visitors, for which the tickets are free of charge.

A prior notice is desirable when larger organized groups come to visit.

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