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Honorable z.Mendushe Rushidi,

Attached to a short resyme sending you the title of my kumtesës scientific symposium, to arrange November 22. hopefully Will inform us about the receipt of this letter, greet you.

    Topic: Mithat Frashëri: Communist ideology and nationalist’s

The Albanian people was clear That she Fascist and Communist dictatorships Against Albanians did not change much from one another.

CPA-Could not accept a new strong Ethnic Albania. She HAD Such an Albania to use as a puppet for His Own Political Purposes. Indian communists, inspired by proletarian internationalism, Were Unable and lacked the capacity to understand the origins of the Communist ideology betrayal. Rather the subject of this ideology, Began differentiating between the Albanian people as nationalists and “national liberation”, Making Efforts to Introduce Through the big doors vllavrasëse war.

Mithat Frashëri, brain Albanian conscience, politician, diplomat and implacable brave servant of the Ethnic Albanian National Front and the creator of the Decalogue, Explained Its Communist ideology and goals of national liberation in the dark.

M.Sc. Milazim Elshani

11/01/2015 Pristina