Mustafa Avzi

Gjergj Giriazi contribution to the congress in abc mananastir in our national history, we have full of examples of family sacrifice for the good of the people of our homeland. One of these families is still family Qiriazëve. The contribution of this family in the emancipation and advancement of the Albanian people is very great. Their work, namely the greatness of their contribution today can be measured by the activity of a genuine institution. Therefore, we can freely say that this family developed the institute Qiriazëve.

George Qiriazi, after the death of Gjerasim brother, becomes assistant principal of keeping the Girls’ School in Korca, the school, which had opened Qiriazi Savasti big sister.

Like all brothers and sisters, as well as George played an important role in the educational, cultural and political life of that time. George proved to be a journalist collaborating on time authorities when dealing with issues of time with social, themes which would later publish as a book in two volumes called “Hristomadhi” with a total of 640 pages, which will include progressive ideas of the time. Also published textbooks, especially the text of “Physics” ( “fisika”) in 1899 in Bucharest; He helped raise the club, where he was secretary and vice president of the Albanian club “Union” in Bitola (1908); was a member of the secret committee “On freedom of Albania” (1909), he participated in the Monastery Congress of Elbasan etc.
What was George contribution to the Monastery Congress?
George Qiriazi much earlier represented the Istanbul alphabet though there were many dilemmas with which the script will be published Kristoforidhit translations. He had taken it upon himself to publish the Gospel of Matthew and the Psalms here and did not hesitate and without hesitation used the Istanbul alphabet. This moment led in September 1895 and Thomson in London Committee said: “We should not press on it with the Greek alphabet and everything henceforth have to crush the Albanian alphabet”
On July 14, 1901 vice A. Kral from the monastery after making an assessment of the alphabet of Istanbul society, where he rightly calls a high developing a national pride that can not be touched, sets out for the first time the idea that “the alphabet of the forthcoming joint will be placed in a prominent patriots assembly to send delegates of their own.” Therefore rightfully Xhevat Lloshi relying on the statement of A. Kralı says the July 1901 census will be called “Project Genesis for the 1908 Congress.”
George was concerned about solving a unified Albanian alphabet. He followed attentively everything about this problem and his interest was enormous. Qiriazi Gjergj was undoubtedly one of the most informed in the whole country and to the patriots in exile. This view by a letter, which sends patriots in Egypt, where he announces the formation of a society and the establishment of a printing press. He will inform immigrants that “we will have a large printing press will also print a flotore of Marwan named” Union. ” This notebook dote muburojnë the t’ona rights against our enemies … and to show the world we are zotëritdiç do …
George Qiriazi often find even contacted by intellectuals and patriots had time to support or to any compromise about the Albanian alphabet. This view even when Ndre Mjeda had taken the initiative to address Midhat Frasheri and George Qiriazi a compromise choice for the unified alphabet, but has not found support George. This was the time when the various press organs in the early twentieth century opened a special section about the problem raphy Albanian unification.
George Qiriazi was one of the delegates representing the “Union” club Monastery as his vice president and as a representative of “British and Foreign Bible Society” in Bitola, and with the right to vote.
When Congress began Monastery sacred work, George Qiriazi elected vice president of the Congress.
Since the first day of the historic collection lacked chosen for the President of Congress, Mithat Frashëri, Gjergj Qiriazi will replace him until the arrival of Mithat Frashëri.
George was the first to list manually register the delegates, calling them by name and surname. According to the Thessaloniki newspaper “Freedom” understand that George has welcomed all delegates by stating: “… This Congress will bring us without blemish and with the brother and inseparable union. He often in the absence of the chairman and lead the work of Congress.
After the election of the Commission for the Albanian abecenë, this committee all meetings held at George’s home. The whole family members of George were engaged. Besides his mother Mary and sister Parashqevi, the burden on the shoulder of the bore of George’s wife, to receive and transmit eight committee members who worked for days, apart for watching the issue of the alphabet. His wife, with Parasqevinë, sometimes taking notes for the commission. This mostly work they did when George was out of the house.
On the basis of what is available in our archive and database of a document in English entitled “The Congressional report held in Bitola on November 14, 1908 (document of 20 pages, the only resource we possess over the course of Congress monastery because Congress lacks Minutes) proves that the congress lasted nine days. Plenary sessions were open and besides Albanians also participated delegates of other nationalities, but their number was around 400.
As is known, from the third day afternoon, he was elected a committee of 11 people, the Almighty votes secret, where George was elected member to the implementation of the alphabet. As the talks were taking place around Istanbul alphabet and that the “Union” and “Dawn”, members would be elected were men of knowledge of the dam. Performance leadership committee held behind closed doors and only one of which can be taken along with any information the president was George Qiriazi.
Many questions and dilemmas that were raised in Congress about us explains George Qiriazi giving some information on the progress of congressional hearings. For example him learn about letters he spent two hearings.
Besides explaining that gives approval to the alphabet of the Albanian language Qiriazi George is one of those who receive letters and telegrams coming and greet or supporting letters from Albanian colonies of countries around Albania. These letters and telegrams he also read to the committee. George also first of all concerned the Final Report and explain the reason for using two alphabets. George in his reply argues thus: “when a man believed Alphabet days will remain” This opinion was of great importance for further political union and cultural progress of the Albanian nation ”
George Qiriazi is an established personality and intellectual rryer patriot who never hesitated to sacrifice himself and his family to put a sign in the Pantheon of Albanian culture and knowledge.
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