Patriotic event, Cultural and Educational Qiriazi George

After a stagnation and confusion Created over a very long Ottoman rule of about five hundred years and inspired by the Many Movements of the middle class and the peasantry of the workshop throughou Western Europe, around the middle of the nineteenth century period, the Albanians Began as këndelleshin and Their Activities intensify to a Wider autonomy Within Eventually the empire and to the final liberation from it. Indeed, after the French revolution of 1848, the Albanian intellectual class, consisting of a small handful of people Raised, mostly patriotic poets educated abroad, Started a high quality campaigninitially Through the publication of literary ktijimeve a commentary with patriotic-Political Character and later Through other forms of action on the ground THUS Raise Hopes That a small nation as They Were Albanians soft Known for His patriotism and martial Plantain That hadd Can SUCCEED fighting and acting to the eventual formation of a national state, as he hadd already done Some other Balkan peoples. To Ilustrata this tense Situation and serious But not hopeless, to show the women Situation in Which It Was Made europa the nineteenth century BUT WHICH nevertheless is recovering gradually and desired That the Albanians follow the Same way, help the intellectual part of vebndit, Naim, in 1899 inter alia,

“Evrop’e ruin,” said Was it the devil of the river, pritte Ruson’e Volterra zgjuanin ng’ay to sleep … ”

Një veprimtari e këtillë, e paraprirë prej shkrimtarëve e poetëve të kohës, të cilësuar si avangardë e ndryshimeve revolucionare në shoqëri, si duket pati sukses, edhe pse dukshëm të vonuar  në raport me popujt tjerë të Europës Jug lindore. Gjatë gjysmës së dytë të shekullit nëntëmbëdhjetë kështu u botuan shumë revista e gazeta me punime gjinishë të ndryshme por kryesisht të motivuara për të ndihmuar atdheun në nevojë, u botuan shumë përmbledhje vjershash e krijimesh tjera letrare me motive kryesisht atdhedashurie si dhe u organizuan tribuna e tubime gjithandej ku shqiptarët ishin të organizuar, nëpr qendrat më të mëdha të europës e azisë me qëllim senzibilizimin e opinionit më të gjërë për çështjen kombëtare dhe ruajtjen e ndjenjes së dashurisë ndaj gjuhës, vendit dhe popullit shqiptar. E tërë kjo lëvizje e gjërë në fushen e kultures, në rrafshin politik dhe propagandues si dhe në organizimet e mëpastajme në fusha tjera të veprimit të intelektualëve të kohës u quajt Rilindje Kombëtare, një Lëvizje e cila rezultoi me mbajtjen Lidhjes Shqiptare të Prizrenit në vitin 1878, për të vazhduar pastaj me organizimin e Kongresit të alfabertit në Manastir  në vitin 1908 dhe për tu kurorëzuar me shpalljen e Pavarësisë së Shqipërisë më 28 Nëntor të vitit 1912 në Vlorë.

Large Ngjarjte and events qual crack Have Had A direct impact on leaked of a nation’s history, howevera, Can not Be made without the bulk of people without Brightest Minds to come from His breast without predictors people of events and people WHO They are gatçëm at any time and in any Situation to sacrifice everything for the good of the country and people of developer. Not only people up and soft Knowing Such Families Among Also has hadd fortunately Albanians over the centuries, Families WHO have made a name and it Remains To Be Brightest written on the pages of national history.

Among the Brightest family, the Most Beloved and Respected Today, Among Families WHO with Their creative, Scientific, Educational and patriotic demonstrated Their Will to change things and showed love for language, culture and tradition, it is Qiriazi still family from the town of Monastir. Qiriazi Gjerasim, Qiriazi Dhori, Qiriazi George, Qiriazi Sevasti and other Descendants of this distinguished family profusely worked and sacrificed everything for the good of the country and nation. As an Important part of this family and as an intellectual of the time, the organizer of Many events in the field of culture and Political Organization, howevera, is Qiriazi George, a WHO Gave the man a seal Crucial wind of Albanian Political organization,

After the death of Qiriazi Gjerasim, Activities That’s all hadd Developed in the organization of Albanians, her brother George, became the central figure and national Committed to the Cause. In fact, other members of the family as Qiriazi Gjerasim (1858-1894), Sevasti (1871-1949) and later Qiriazi Parashqevi (1880-1970) throughou Their life been about Engaged Political Organization, to open Albanian schools, the publication of newspapers , magazines and textbooks and Coordinating the work needed to swear That Carried out Until the declaration of independence.

Born in 1868 in Bitola, in the mids of Renaissance Activities and When The Balkan peoples already Were Making final preparations for the proclamation of the independence of Their Countries, Qiriazi George Grew and developed in the spirit of These ferment and change the big Was happening. His own family, compressed and mixed with progressive ideas and an occidental culture, led to the George to formësohej and it Most progressive ideas of the time. Was He first educated in a school of Greek city and later continued bis studies at the American College in Samokov.With a great culture of not only winning During His schooling soft Also based on the reading of the works of Our Most popular renaissance, Qiriazi George became one of the Most Important figures of Organizations Educational, Cultural and my polittike.

The gathering, called the Monastery Congress Which Was Organized and Held in Bitola from 14 to 22 November 1908 wasn’t just an ordinary meeting Where It Was Decided the letters of the English script But It Was Also a Political Grandstand Where Many Were Taken other positions of interest to people at the time and place of strong fluctuations just Within the Ottoman Empire soft Also Within the core Movements Which Were Organized under the League of Prizren and the events That Followed later. Political character, with Motivation Wider autonomy of the Albanian territories That Were Developed in the Monastery Congress is Actually a 18-point National Program Through Which Shahin Cologne, Albanian MP from Korca, hadd Presented to the Turkish Parliament in the form of demand Albanians.

As one of the originators and Organizers of the Congress of Monastir, Qiriazi George Was appointed vice-president of the Congress, Along with Louis Gurakuqi. Also, as one of the Most Important Organizers and hosts of the Itself Congress, George Qiriazi of Coordinated Within the cilli this rally once again, Because of the varied and escalating verbal conflict between Participants. Finally, Qiriazi George is the one Who will draft a report of a few points, a record this good Designed and intellectual pedanterinë a Committed and Experienced.

Qiriazi George Was A lover of English education and a tireless workers, Determined to help this process with all intellectual Opportunities he hadd. Since the 1894 death of His brother Gjerasim, qual Until crack led sters School in Korca, this work loyally tuck themselves Gjergji Important qual this institution led to a great success. But to help this Important work, he wasn’t satisfied with that. Since the Albanians feel a great Lack of textbooks in Albanian, in 1899 in Bucharest published physics book titled “fisika”, a shklollor This text WHO Heard this gap While the students professional brings a terminology from the field physics, These terms qual Even to this day have remained unchanged.

Until the declaration of independence of the Albanian state and later, in the Absence of State Institutions, Albanians Were authentication to Organize themselves in Various clubs, the Friends Association, of qual coordinate Their work in the field and Where palnifikoheshin Various Activities with Educational character, Political and cultural, always good of the nation and the country. Qiriazi Even George Was an active part of These enterprises, broke the developer’s Eve Initiator. During 1906 and onwards, Qiriazi George Was One Of The Most zealous activists of the “Committee for the freedom of Albania” an organization led by this remarkable patriot Topulli Bajo, from Where They come HAD Many Initiatives and Actions Against the Ottoman invaders.

In 1902, in Sofia, Bulgaria, Qiriazi George published book of Gjerasim His brother, titled “Kristomaci”. Although the real author of this book wasn’t Himself George, But His brother, the processing That has made creations published in this book, editing WHO made and the Foreword That he wrote Himself, there is a Significant AMOUNT and a spirit didaskalike the moralizing That These pervades all poems, drawings or stories.

The book is Divided Into four parts: the first part Includes thirty-two poems. These are soft moralizations copyrighted That Their importancia for the proper education of readers, to combat negative phenomena in society and Favored love for learning, education and Homeland.

The second part of the book is Composed of 42 songs called poetry Because this order are Created; to singing songs. These poems are the Same or similar Reasons of soft Some say Also Bring social motives as is gyrbeti. Howevera, poke Rhymes Bring Optimistic value and hope for a Better Future.

The third part of the book is called dialogue. In this section it is Included forty-nine Sketches in the form of dialogue. These are short Actually creations Which are Designed in a Way That Could Easily quite EU put on stage or other makeshift Facilities. Though the moralistic motives resemble These skits Were the first two parts, the importancia of These creations is the Greater Because my Was A Novelty and great freshness due to the Lack of Such A literary genre to us. These creations are Also Important Because young children and Make Them Fall Before an Important test to stage demonstration Their skills Through play.

In the fourth part of this collection Included twenty stories or other stories called fairy tales. Similarly, f the first three parts, These stories are written in the spirit of the Various consultations explanation of how man Can Be enriched by the advice That young people shouldnt list and respect the Elderly or the love of atdhetut is Necessary. All These Writings are full of advice qual Such ENGAGE to fight evil and in favor of good things in society.

Self book qual Qiriazi George Prepared for publication by giving up to the end, although with an excessive moralizing spirit, give the Lack of children’s creations and young people at the Beginning of the last century, I Believe That There Is Also Important to literature for children Because young people and in apostrofohen reafffrmed Educational and values, cognitive Also soft entertainment Which brings Before the reader THUS meeting a Need That Was my very pronounced.

Qiriazi George, a multidimensional my figure and a prominent activist for the National Cause, can hardly separated from all EU Interests, Activities and Events That hadd beg His family’s ancestors Which HAD continued His offspring from the Same family. They constitute one of the Most Unique Cases, to be with one Saying of the family your Commitment in the field of education, culture and science But all in education functioning of national Emancipation and liberation from Ottoman occupation and fighting negative anti-national phenomena Within the Albanian society . Qiriazi George is just one of rëndësihsme parts of this mosaic, is one of the Important members of the big family of Qiriazëve and other Albanian my pariotëve.

Bitola, 12.19.2015 Sh.Zekolli