On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the “Secret Committee Liina Albania – step path Towards the Unification of Albanians”

Even a few days (in November 2015) filled full 110 years of secret Committee for the liberation of Albania “Ja ja death freedom” in Bitola, Which has occupied a place of honor in the Pantheon of national history. A Nation That does not recalling the past and does not respect the group of patriots WHO sacrificed for the nation in Difficult Times, pardoning more Expensive things, blood, sweat and toil, do not know how to build the present and can’t Even schedule the future.

Hitori little reminder!

Secret Committee for Freedom of Albania – Ja ja death Freedom “is Political-patriotic organization That led the armed Struggle Against The Ottoman Rulers and neighboring chauvinist circles. The organization Was Formed in Bitola on the initiative and under the chairmanship of Bajo Topullit in November 1905 , Which Was attended by Halit Bërzeshta, George Qirjazi, Fehmi Zavalani, Çerçiz Topulli Mikhail Grameno, Nuci Naci, etc.

According to the statutes (KANONIZMËS) committee, published in Sofia, the organization’s aim Was “Resurrection of Albania Sowing brotherhood, love, unity, using any tool for prosperity of the nation and Survivors of oppression and darkness in Which the date”.

In the program of the organization (the Committee) Included Requirements Such as Official Recognition of the Albanian language in state Institutions and schools, only the Appointment of Civil Servants in Albanian Areas, Prohibition of the use of Albanian soldiers from the province outside Europe etc. As the primary Means for Their Implementation, the Committee considered the armed Struggle of fighting units.

Aiming to establishe an organization That Included all of Albania, the committee “ON FREEDOM OF ALBANIA” who Began playing the Central Committee’s roles, sent Albanian patriots in Various provinces of the country and set up The Most Important centers of Albanian vilayets branches local Its committees Same with the name. Also He Connects with patriotic Societies abroad (Homeland) and Especially Those in Bucharest and Sofia to fully support the program and Its Activities.

By Decision of the Secret Committee “ON FREEDOM OF ALBANIA” Was Formed in spring 1906 in the Districts of Korca first armed groups commanded by Bajo Topulli and other armed armed groups That ACTED During the years 1906 to 1908 in Various parts of country.

Pursuits Turkish Authorities hampered the committee’s activity as a central body, authentication Him to move to Bucharest Leaders leaving the monastery a local committee.


During Efforts to Implement Reforms in Macedonia and Kosovo, the Albanian National Movement Held a big event like the inside (at home) as well as in the Albanian Colonies, operating in Sofia, Bucharest etc. This activity Was manifested in the permanent establishment of national consciousness, the Albanian Democratic Unification of progressive forces, as well as in preparation for Their War Against the Porte on the one hand, on the other hand, Against the Invading Intentions of foreign predatory. At the Same time the Albanian National Movement faced with subversive Activities of armed fighting units to monarhive neighboring chauvinist qual Crucified and destroyed Entire Villages in Thessaloniki villayets, monastery and parts of Kosovo.

With the support of the Greek church and grekomanet, çeta Greek andar, in the Albanian-Majority parts Were more vulnerable than others. Particularly Was imminent danger of great Leaders and activists of Our Most prominent National Movement. Many Albanian Villages in the vicinity of Negovani, Florina, Bellkamenit, etc. EU found, almost as trapped and in permanent danger.

Patriot Bajram – Bajo Topulli, Which at my this Was in Thessalonica, after Hearing the murder of the great patriot Negovani not left without Saying: “physical Disappearance of Papa Christos Will strengthen patriotism of the Albanian people, adding to Some more courage and zeal to work for developer’s rights, contrary to what it felt Enemies of the Albanian people. howevera, He Said Bajo, “rrojtja the nation’s risk and That therefore something HAD to be.” The first step made in this direction Bajo Topulli Was His passage from Thessaloniki to Bitola, a town That Was Transformed in the hearth of the movement of the Albanian people, WHO Were standing in the road kryqzimin the Possible connection between Albania and Albanian Colonies in Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Cairo and elsewhere.In the Vilayet of Bitola in Macedonia respectively,

With the premise Established inside and outside (the colony) Was Introduced as a time imperative forming a center from easiest thing Might Be led wars for national liberation. Was this center in Bitola, Where He was a patriotic Albanian intellectuals centered society.

Major Step Towards national liberation war Was the establishment of the “Committee for the freedom of Albania”, one hundred and ten years ago, in November 1905, upon the initiative of Bajram Bajo Topulli, assistant director of the Bitola gymnasium. The Meeting Was Held at the home of George Dragoman Qiriazi Konsulatës the Austro Hungarian Bitola. The committee Was Elected: Halit Bey Berzeshta- colonel and chief of pharmaceutical service Kmparmatës Turkish III; Fehim Bey Zavalani, Bajo Topulli, George Qirjazi, Novo Sefedin Sali Butka Yasar Bitnicka etc. At this meeting, as indicated under oath and became Kanonizmës That It Was Developed first.

“Kanonizma the mountains” Which Was Adopted at the meeting, Was sent to Sofia to be published Shahin columns and Kristo LUARASI. According to the report That the Austrian consul in Bitola Proaska-Goluboski sent to Vienna, no. 10, 27.IV.1906, Article 1 Kanonizmës says: “The purpose of this committee, Which Was Formed in Istanbul of prominent people and real patriots Was The Resurrection of Albania by Expanding brotherhood, love and unity, paving the way for the country’s progress with the help of books, sending people in all Albanian regions to Develop These ideas,

In Article 1, except Stated That purpose, and states That “the Committee Was Established in Istanbul” Claims for Which it later Bajo Topulli, it helped quite at the time of the operation for Which he alone Knew. The Committee Was Newly Established, Began Activities dense in all provinces by sending letters and his missionaries to Organize branches or sub-committees in Ioannina, in the Prespa region, in Shkodra, in Florina, Korca, in Kosovo (Djakovica, Cham qual in mission Certain to Idriz Jakova), Debar and elsewhere.

For the expansion of the network of committees Among the Albanian Colonies in Bulgaria and Romania, respectively, for collecting the Necessary assistance pledged Itself Shahin column. Committee, according to the statement of Fehmi her nature, Created branches in the Ottoman army garrison in Bitola Among Albanian soldiers and officers, after a WHO While Started to desert the armed units of the armed Çerçiz Topullit. This is evidenced and “Notes Albanian Movement Vilayet of Bitola and Kosovo,” the consul in Bitola AH (appendix) Report (reserve) no. 1, sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Vienna on 26. IV. 1906.

In January 1906 Dervish Hima The paper wrote Dr. Ibrahim Temos: “I Received a letter from the monastery. There is Established a new committee, But for now Kept They are hidden. Later They Would Also things Its regulation”. It Came to the Central Committee “On freedom of Albania”. In September 1906 Dervish Hima got the news of the murder of the Greek Bishop of Korca by Band of Çerçiz Topullit, the WHO Took Decision to Monastir Committee, in response to the murder of Papa Kristo Negovani.Unlikely Faik Konica, WHO attacked the newspaper “Albania” (London), The Most offensive Expressions, Albanian armed units and freedom fighters, calling them “a bunch bloody vulgar” Dervish Hima WELCOMEDIA the Armed Struggle of fighting units headed by Bajo Çerçiz Topulli, written by Dr. Temos October 6, 1906 “I Was done to our Albanians That led to Paradise Finally Metropolitan of Korca donkeys”. Dervishi Also tried directly related to the Bajo Topulli.

Books and newspapers “Light” Which CONVEY the activity and all actions Take On the ground Albanian “Committee on Freedom of Albania” Came from Sofia with side channels of different hidden connections. These breaks are distributed say in all Areas Where it HAD Its branches. For this test Proshaska Austrian consul and adds That “the Committee distributed books in Skopje, Pristina, Prizren, Gjakova, Peja, Ferizaj, Stream, Kumanovo, Radovishtë, Presevo, Gjilan, Mitrovica Vucitrna, Tetovo, Beranjë, Struga, Debar, etc.

For the progress of the National Movement and the development of education in the Albanian language is spoken in the Romanian consul report in Ioannina, Sebastian Graçeanu, sent to minister to the Romanian foreign affairs, on October 15, 1906 qual inter alia states say? ” in this way there is a strong current in favor of çlirmir These people (Albanians) from the Ottoman yoke. It’s really surprising to arrive early to swear educated in Their own language, the very young and Elderly as well, regular teachers and no books. Already by the brave say entuzuastët Formed a party That works diligently in the national sentiment spread Among Their people. Now Even Organized armed groups. These are not limited to the soft opening of Albanian schools fighting for full autonomy.

Under the influence of the intelligence committees Were created in Many Albanian cities During 1906 Some upheaval broke out and Armed Clashes in Shkodra Vilayet, Kosovo, Janina between Ethnic Albanian rebels and the Turkish government.

In the Austrian consul in Bitola Report dated. May 1, 1906, sent the minister in Vienna, Said: “In recent months it Seems dry run happily Preparing a twist. Its Initiator is the” Society for Albania’s Freedom “and Especially Its branches in Thessaloniki and Bitola WHO with more energy and more capacity invasion of Kosovo have Begun national idea. Even the return of Many exiles WHO HAD appropriated the ideas That cross the narrow boundaries of Their dwelling, is one of the moments That Took advantage of spreading national ideas. envoys of the Company WHO SINCE The Beginning of this year are going-through vilayets, harvest surprising success, Primarily in Djakovica. Came in Bajram Curri, WHO Returned to Djakovica, qual the Turkish government usually Held in Skopje.

By carefully follow the increasingly thick with the National Liberation Movement activity in 1906, Especially after shares of çeta the Bajo of Cerciz Topullit, “Light” Sofia In His article, inter alia writes: “It fills us hope for my Bachelors, Our National flag Will flutter in the mountains of Albania ( “Light”, Sofia, No. 87 20.I.1907). At this time When the paper wrote, Band of Bajos and Qerqiz dimëronte in Sofia and Bucharest. Band together over the winter to Prepare new actions, namely the uprising That Was Planned for spring 1907.

Secret Committee Çlirmin of Albania, “DEATH freedom” of Its branches and armed armed units Contributed to the Establishment and Strengthening of Albanian national awareness Across the world, Because this committee Formed local committee in all Albanian lands. Members of this committee later became the member of the Central Club, “Union” Which Raised Organize the initiative and the Congress of Monastir, in Which Came up to the creation of the alphabet. In this way the Secret Committee for the Liberation of Albania paved the way DRREJT Union of Albanians, Which led to the independence of Albania on 28 November 1912. Therein lies the role of the Committee, in November this year (2015) Should Be celebrated in Bitola case the 110th anniversary ..

November 2015