Mithat Frashërika born in Ioannina in 1880, in a patriotic family from Fraser (Permet), Which Gave a lot to our Renaissance. Was he the son of Abdul Frasheri, tireless activist and one of the main Leaders of the League of Prizrenit.Pas His father’s death in 1892. His education Took care Naim and Sami Frasheri, WHO Were His intellectual Outlines. under the impact he won wide and controlled Several foreign language culture, Which enabled Also worked in the Ottoman administration.
Mithat Frashëri Founded in July 1908 the newspaper Freedom.From 1897-1928 he published the magazine with Some interruptions “Kombiar Calendar”, Which Has A Major Contribution to the benefit of the Albanian national issue During the Renaissance, and vitin1909 Founded in the journal “Knowledge” Which Came out Earlier in Thessaloniki, said Constance (1916) and Tirana (1926-1929). Both magazines played an Important role in the national cultural movement documents and Writings published on Issues of history, language, folklore and traditions shqiptar.Menjëherë people after the 1908 Young Turk Revolution, Albanian patriots Began to create patriotic clubs, break Their national schools and Publish books in Albanian newspapers, inside and outside the country. Within a few months, dozens of clubs rose in Albanian schools in all Albanian lands, from Kosovo to Çamëri.Ky rapid development of this cultural movement to Bring in Dire Need of assigning a single alphabet for the Albanian writing. Initiative to call Took Him “Union” club Monastery. In an appeal to the club “Union” read: “Happy Time has come When we begin to work and unfettered ot happiness of Our Nation, not with guns and gunpowder, soft with pen and paper. We shouldnt start with the issue of alfabetit- Because Otherwise we Will not Achieve the Highest goal-progress sonë.Më language November 14, 1908 Opened the Congress of the alphabet or Otherwise Monastery Congress, Which Was attended by 50 Delegates, 32 Where Were with voting rights and 18 others as Participants,WHO will not enjoy her right. Monastery Congress shndrua in a Truly pan assembly, Which Was attended by Delegates from all the regions of Albania, of the cities of the four vilayets, as well as Albanian companies from Bucharest, Sofia, the US, Egypt, etj.Ndërmjet Delegates Were Patriots of prominent intellectuals Such as Louis Gurakuqi Mithat Frashëri, George Fisher, Mati Logoreci, Hile Mosi, Shahin column, Sotir Peci, Fehim Zavalani, Qiriazi etj.Kongresi George Monastery Was Held in the house the patriot Fehim Zavalani.Kryetar Monastery of Congress Was Elected Mithat Frashëri, Who Was appointed to the Commission of the alphabet. national unity, Unification of the alphabet, the Recognition of rights for Albanians and organization of Educational and Political activity Nationally.During two days of the Congress Were appointed meeting wide open for the people, except Where intellectuals attended the school students, as well as the Monastery of City Residents. These Meetings Were shndruan in national events, Which Were Held in patriotic Speeches, the Need for Unification of all Albanians, Gege Tosca, Muslims and Christians.
The main place in the Proceedings of the Congress Took APPOINTING the issue of a common alphabet for all shqiptarët.Gjatë discussions Held the majority Is Expressed the opinion that rate the alphabet Should Be placed shouldnt have even basic latine.Alfabeti latin letters seen by Representatives Many liberal nor a way to unite Albanians and That Would make them More Aware of the legacy of tyre.Edhe Mithat Frashëri Was a Latin alphabet. After Numerous discussions regarding the alphabet, it Created a 11-member commission, with Pater George Fisher as Chairman WHO failed to konklundonte a CONCLUSION to unify the main alfabetit.Vendimi Congress Was the adoption of two Alphabets: Istanbul and he made only in Latin alphabet characters.The Decision to use together two Alphabets Was not Taken to Cause disunity Among the Delegates and Albanians in general. Although Congress did not set a single alphabet It Was an Important step forward on the road to the final settlement of the case alphabet and exerted a powerful influence on Political Union and further cultural progress of the Albanian people. What did not lead to the end of the dot Monastery Congress Finally Solved the Albanian people Life Itself. Latin alphabet being homogenous and practical Easier press, spread more and more and by the end of the First World War became common alphabet and alone for all Albanians. He Also Adopted a national program of 18 points, Which Contained requests Political, Economic and cultural.
After the Monastery Congress 1909 Thessaloniki club, led by Mithat Frashëri, issued the call for the holding of Elbasan Congress, Where he attended as a delegate of Skopje, Thessaloniki and Cham. During the years 1910-1912 Mithat Frashëri Stood in Bucharest and Sofia Was Involved in the Activities of patriotic Colonies atjeshme. He won a great intellectual Maturity in the relevant period and Charged with 1912-1920 years event. On November 28, 1912 Took part in the Assembly of Vlora and Signed the Declaration of Independence act. In the government of Ismail Kemal Was he appointed minister of public works.After ardhejes of Prince Wilhelm on March 7, 1914, he Was appointed postmaster of public works, But When It exploded in the central Albania uprising left Albania and stayed in Some European Countries like Italy, Switzerland and Bulgaria, qual remained active by cooperating with the press. He attended Cabinet and Turhan Pasha Was a member of the Albanian Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference and Representatives of the Federation “Vatra”.In 1920 again represented Albania at the Peace Conference and the League of Kombeve.Në a series of articles on the Situation in Albania, Which he published in the early ’20s in a number of French newspapers voice Was made clear French people and the EU That large ç’ndihmesë HAD Given Albanians fighting for developer’s rights, to protect the Balkan civilization and evropian.Ai requir huge sacrifices of Their own to assesse nor broke the meritonion Also as a positive factor for the Restructuring and Development of Its Botërore.Sipas After World War I, the Great Powers hadd caused the Albanian people full of sorrow.Mithat Frasheri Developed an Extensive literary, cultural work in the press politike.Përveç That led, published a series of articles and Political brochures in the European press, qual DEFENDED the rights of the Albanians in Albania and Territorial Integrity of the Aims of neighbors as ” the issue of Epirus. The pain of a people “,” the Epirus Population “,” Pritmi Albania “- published in Sofia in 1915, and” The Albanians between I and the outside, “Where full arguments defending His people with all His Virtues , But not all without Blemish “Albanian grievances”; “Albanians and Slavs”, published in Lausanne in 1919. In “Albanians and Slavs”, describes the contradictory hostile Relations between the two Nations,According to Mithat Frashëri Slavic writers disclose Numerous Theories for the Albanians, are describedat or people with tail, But They Were not only Slavs WHO spread Such Theories, But Also well-known French Publicists or Cheradam the Bianconi, Whose Articles Were Published by Serbian colony of Paris. Were Serbs aided by Russian writers adds Mithati Whose Opinions Reflect the Tendency of Moscow politics, considering Albanians or Turks, Who will return once again in Asia, the cradle of Their origin. And Where They always discover a single Slavic, swimming hezitojnëaspak to call all Slavic Serbian rajonin.Pseudohistorianët he says are Trying to test that rate the province Famous names in Kosovo and western Macedonia, there is no Albanian, But Even If They They are just settlers.They claimed that rate the Kosovo Albanians and Serbs tëshqiptarizuar islamizuar.Këto no theory based on scientific arguments authentication Mithat Frashëri publishing research article “Albanians and Slavs. In 1901 he published the book” Naim Bey Frashëri “in Sofia and republished two other times in Tirana, respectively in 1923, 1941 works known of His literary collection is “Hi and sponge” (1915), displaying the Characteristics of a genuine Prose rich artistic language, sensuality and Psychological Analysis. Mithat Frashëri thought That side of psychology and education, Albania Will change Its face. in 1901 he published the book “Naim Bey Frashëri” in Sofia and republished two other times in Tirana, respectively in 1923;1941 works known of His literary collection is “Hi and sponge” (1915), displaying the Characteristics of a genuine Prose rich artistic language, sensuality and Psychological Analysis. Mithat Frashëri thought That side of psychology and education, Albania Will Change Its Face. In 1901 he published the book “Naim Bey Frashëri” in Sofia and republished two other times in Tirana, respectively in 1923; 1941 works known of His literary collection is “Hi and sponge” (1915), displaying the Characteristics of a genuine Prose rich artistic language, sensuality and Psychological Analysis. Mithat Frashëri thought That side of psychology and education, Albania Will Change Its Face.

Also He has translated Some of the known world literature authors as A. de Lamartin, F. Hofman.Mithat Fraseri Was enamored with the ideas of the French ethnologist and psychologist Gusav Le Bon, qual spread Through His articles published in magazines London: Maximillian 1923 he translated and published the work of Le Bon “Psychology of education”. Also He translated a number of other works Such as “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe, “Wilhelm wire” by Schiller, “Over the history of the Albanian language” by scholar Johan Thunman etc.
In 1924 Mithat Frasheri published a short treatise of historical and cultural content, in Which describedat the complex of Albania Situation and Prospects of Its development. Treaty titled “Wounds tona.Ç’na missing? What shouldnt we?” According to Mithat Frashëri, people can’t ron no ideal without a push, without a purpose That Makes walking, working, try the përparojë.Puna and activity of a man IF you are lost do not know how to run a qëllim.Ai Said That without a moral force, without a point to qual shouldnt rule together, people die and people, shuhenë.Mithat Fraser states That it loses Its ideals, faith and purpose, said the body Becomes Like That body has escaped the Albanian shpirti.Ideali Should Be empowerment and dignity of Albanian, union of nation’s overall happiness and progress.He adds That If We Realize That we Should Be a factor in the civilization of the Balkans Our country make a Prosperous Country, Will it really change something Will Come to Light Albanians.
During the years 1923-1925 Served as Minister Plenipotentiary of Albania in Greece, protesting violently displacement of the Population in Turkey çame.Mithat Fraser Opened in Tirana in the years 1926-1939 library “Lumo Skëndo” In the years of Fascist occupation he Founded Front Political organization of Kombëtar.Gjatë end of the war he Fled from Albania, Where Originally Established in Italy and later in london, Where he Created the Committee “Free Albania” .Mithat Fraser died in New York on October 3, 1949.