Botanical unfinished Gjergj Qiriazi 

Almost all of Our Renaissance have books for school. The first step Each blow with the alphabet and with Preparing initial primer, namely open the school door. Renaissance Aimed at awakening the people, soft getting up in the Albanian language, the Albanian school, Albanian consciousness, from N. Veqilharxhi 1844, to K. Kristoforidhi, Which together with the first translations published in primer variants for Both dialects (1866 -1867 ), the D. Boriçi 1869 to the Frashëri brothers. The next step Would Be to draft Generally textbooks. Although a later stage, this route Would cross the Qiriazi George, Whose name Remains unbroken from the Monastery Congress. Even three years Before George That hadd published the “Albania” (no. 10, 1905, p. 201)  Two letters.The issue of the alphabet , holding Proposing a general meeting.

The ELDES brother, Gjerasim, Took care for His long education, as well as sisters. For the first time the name of George in the British and Foreign Bible Society documents Countries encounter on 10 June 1885, 1  and September 10, it shows That A. Thomson hadd already paid 10 free to Attend school in Samokov. 2

THUS, When Opened Today Mësonjëtorja Korca 1887, George Was still an apprentice for Himself, soft after the premature death of His Brother (1894), Took place in all the work and it is understood That His main focus Will It led to the school’s progress .

In addition to harsh objections by the Ottoman Rulers and fanatics of Greek orthodoxy, in addition to financial difficulties and school supplies for Classrooms, besides the Lack of Experienced teachers, the first national school hadd an immediate Need for textbooks. This requirement hadd long predicted and Renaissance Were Trying to thread little by little Writings and publications of all Kinds. Because the national movement relied heavily on the Albanian traditions, It Was Easier To Prepare material from humanities courses and learning languages, soft There were major shortages of books of natural sciences and precise.

Knowledge Albanians sciences at the time of receiving or studies in other countries, or foreign schools Within the Albanian territories, soft anyway Were this knowledge in a foreign language. It is known That Th. Kavaljoti has left a manuscript  Physics Greek (1752). In the first classes strands of science summarized under the label of “natural sciences”. We have reports That They Were Involved in Turkish primary schools (iptidadie) SINCE 1883 and further Expanded Into Higher levels (RUZHDI and idadiet). It is documented in 1900 physics That Give In Turkish idadien Skopje and Bitola. According to this example, Naim Developer “Knowledge about the first Classrooms” (1886), That Precisely on the eve of the opening of the school in Korca, Where he Presented something of physics. In this physics classroom Was Included as a subject in the first year. Teachers rely on Greek texts, French and English, in preparation That hadd been in foreign schools.When he Opened the school sters in 1891, demand for textbooks became Even Wider. Sensing this directly, Qiriazi George Himself drew a physics text. Greater Than Was The Desire To Be Rich books slip the other test dates. The ratio of the Bible Society, 1900, noted: “In Our deposit in Bitola have been over 5,000 visitors over the past year, as does Our excellent depositary, Mr. George Qiriazi”. He’s Kept Secret textbooks and other English, They needed the Albanian secret schools, Which Were spreading. Qiriazi George. ” He Kept it secret textbooks and other English, They needed the Albanian secret schools, Which Were spreading. Qiriazi George”.He’s Kept Secret textbooks and other English, They needed the Albanian secret schools, Which Were spreading.

fisika e botuar më 1899 në Bukuresht, ashtu si dhe shumë libra të tjerë në shtypshkronjën e Shoqërisë “Dituria”, ka 97 faqe dhe një varg skicash të mira. Përbëhet nga 11 krerë për llojet e trupave, gravitetin, nxehtësinë, magnetizmin, elektricitetin, akustikën e optikën. Ishte libri i parë për fizikën në gjuhën shqipe, pavarësisht se prej cilës gjuhë ishte përshtatur. Jo vetëm ka ndihmuar që të përpunohej terminologjia shqipe e fizikës, por nuk ka dyshim se ka shfrytëzuar edhe përvojën e deriatëhershme si nga botimet, ashtu edhe nga mësimet drejtpërdrejt në shkollë. Libri pati sukses, sepse doli në kohën, kur në shkollën e djemve në Korçë kishte rreth 80 nxënës dhe fizika (1900)  përfshihej si lëndë në klasat IV-V, ndërsa në klasën VI e jepte Nuçi Naçi. Ky ishte drejtor dhe në shumë raste e ka parashgtruar kërkesën e madhe për libra shkollorë, që të vinin nga Bukureshti. Edhe në Shkollën e vashave ishte në program lënda e fizikës. Më duket me interes të vë në dukje, se po në atë vit 1899 kanë dalë nga shtypi gjithsej 13 libra shqip, ndër ta edhe ‘Istori e Shqipërisë” e N. Frashërit, dhe manifesti i Rilindjes “Shqipëria ç’ka qënë, ç’është dhe ç’do të bëhetë”, në të cilin shtrohej kërkesa për të pasur në Shqipëri universitet dhe madje muze të historisë së natyrës me bimë e kafshë të Shqipërisë, ndërsa do të botoheshin edhe revistat shkencore përkatëse.

These Were the circumstances Which prompted Gjerasim work to proceed in this direction, putting together a book for Botany. In my opinion, this is therefore up to the Beginning of the century. XX. He Began Preparing soft not completed and remained only a manuscript. The history of the manuscript is finding it.

In the last decade of the twentieth century Kuanrudi John (John Quanrud), a British researcher, Who Knows very well Albanian, Began research to write a book about Qiriazi Gjerasim. For this he Came in Many archives and met a lot of people, Eventually published the book “Jove, hope and love”, dedicated to the life Qiriazi Gjerasim (Tirana, 1998). With His Effort Was Also Preparing the publication of the first book of “Kristomacisë” of Qiriazi George (Prishtina, 1991). Today Kuanrudi is director of Viking Minds at the University of Nottingham in England and has not lost any interest in Albanology.

It is understood That Xh. Would Kuanrudi track the history of Qiriazëve family to find relevant documents. It turned out That When George died in 1913, left His wife with two children. A year later the family moved to Vancouver, Canada. His daughter, Victoria, Canada sent them all the more Important materials left by bis father. Dorothy, her daughters, granddaughter of George, Was Taken to the pursuit of heritage. Kuanrudi it met with little reluctance, she Agreed to open the coffers of materials. Among other things, it turned out That There were two original Signed copies of Decisions of the Congress of Monastir. Unfortunately, the Authorities have not Cared To Bring home this precious treasure.Managed Kuanrudi to fotokopjonte a good part of documents and with an extraordinary generosity, made available to me.

Even for Botany Albanians knowledge at the time of receiving or studies in other countries, or foreign schools Within the Albanian territories, soft anyway Were this knowledge in a foreign language. Meanwhile, Albania’s flora present special significance on the map of European research in this area. 1892 Italian scholar Antonio Baldaçi undertook a journey to Seman from the Coast province and published in 1902 “Itinerary albanesi” But there are plants and animals Given only Latin. Ndre Mjeda has left about 310 plant names, partly Associated with the Latin terms, and the manuscript Should Be 1904.

Botanika called at the time “Bimëtregonjë”, according to an unnecessary Effort to albanianized Some names of basic science (dhetregonjë, kafshëtregonjë, njeritregonjë etc.). In addition to knowledge of nature and history, bimëtregonja Given as a Separate subject in school boys and in girls. It is known that rate the teaching Eftimi funk, Event in the program in 1901 after the Latin word Given in brackets (Botany).

Qiriazi George manuscript titled “Bimëtregonjë” and has 37 pages. Appearing plant Organs, adding in brackets the corresponding Latin terms, as well as images That shouldnt accompany the text When Was the book published. When the turn comes to seeds, Followed by classification of the group of phanerogams and kriptogameve, But The manuscript stops here. Generally writing is clear and less correction. Of course, here too it is Important to note as well as physics, To Be Elected a foreign text to adapt slip, While it shows That Were Given Albanian students the best knowledge of the last century. XIX on this knowledge. As always, special interest represents terminology. It is apparent Tendency to give English Latin terms.The rhizomes are called “rrënjcake”, tubers (tubers) are Given “beets”. Viar, kordhake, fillpërake, shëfitare, zgjatore, eleptake, mburonjë, vezëtore, round, pyktare, zemrake, the almost intact zemrake, bubrekore, shtizare . Dikotiledonet and monokotiledonet today are made dicotyledonous and njëthelbore, the author has called “njëfarëndarje ‘and’ dyfarëndarje. On Despite These neologisms, the text is Clearly understood and alphabetical Istanbul.

1906 W. Qiriazi published in Sofia book  Kenk consecrated to Albanian falëtoret That marks and are “to convert from English, Event gërqishtesë bullgarishtesë”. This test That he translated the Adapting of These three languages. A more Detailed review from Which Will Show That the language has been the case for two of bis textbooks. The key to this is the terms used. For example, the “Physics” I noticed That reads “magnitizm”, namely the spelling of Greek, English and Because Of bullgarishtes Should Be “magnetizm”. For a plant xerxelja has Given “the apple of the wolf,” Which is kalkim from Bulgarian ‘vëllce jabëllka “; and from English is” in this foundation “to” on this base “; I wrote the script in the (big) like English and puts vibrating comma Before ”

The question arises: why George could not bring it up at the end of botany? His commitment went patriot getting complex. We have proven that in the service of the Bible Society in Shkodra and in January 1901 received a letter from the son of Kristoforidhi, Stephen, regarding the fate of the confusion of vocabulary manuscript. After a year this even asked George to find funds to buy the manuscript. He responded to the rebuke, because he had been profoundly wrong and that he had a duty to preserve this treasure nation. Ottoman authorities requested reports on George and this person was placed in jeopardy arrested. During these efforts, it took up the manuscript of “highland terrier” and sent for publication to “Albania”. Austrian Vice Consul in Bitola, Krali, 15 April 1902 report, noted: “He put Himself in danger to our interest and love for the Cause, and in case this, qual for Its position is Particularly dangerous, he hadd Asked Glossary on BEHALF of His society. ” After the release of Vocabulary Kristoforidhi, George published an article in the “Light” Sofia (April 22, 1905), Concluding said: “With the books we Munt EU called to have enough footprint Before Vature built R Our literature.” Vice Consul Kral can’t be protected Because Of Its Important Received the unceasing reports of the Situation of Albanians and other Aspects of life in the Bitola Vilayet. Suffice it to mention “Some notes on the work built R Korce weather in 1901” (August); “Notes on the girls'”Some remarks on Albanian girls’ school in Korca” (1904) etc.

Immediately in 1894 He Took over the Duties of bis brother and I continued with Dedication. Among These jobs, it Said, Was The Most Important keeping two Albanian schools for boys and girls in Korca. But not forgotten either legacy of big brother. It is Important That This Be Presented to His aid, Because he hadd appropriateness in Our publications. Sh. Osmani 1983 That Were His two books called “Hristomathisë publications”.  R. Elsie Also called works of George.  H. Hasan, although Marked the publication of the year 1902 as Gjerasim, slightly below ibid Also Includes work as George, with “holy Kenk” (1906). The Truth Is That “Hristomathinë” the 1902 George is the editor for publication and has just added Foreword, Its two poems and two pieces of Sevastis, While the publication of the second 1907 volume partially ruajur appearance of the cover, Making Some changes in the letters of the alphabet, notes the while That Most parts are translated and slightly drawn from it. This explains why in Both Cases drafter has used the word “mëmëdhetar A”, namely not to imply that rate the content is original to the author. In addition, George has translated SINCE 1894 well-known book of John Bunyan’s entitled “Pilgrims Progress”

If we add to tem the second half of 1903 Went with three other Booksellers, Distributing free books with funds from British and American aid between Farmers in poor provinces burned, it Becomes clear why he left aside work on Botany. Howevera, this script is added to the heritage of this patriot devoted to the independence of Albania, the Albanian language and Albanian education. I want to close by noting That the two brothers Were Also good translator, something That has not been Mentioned so far.


1. A. Thomson,  Letter to Qiriazi Gjerasim , 10 June 1885: “You Also please tell me about your brother Younges, Who is waiting to go to Samokov next semester. I hope it’s good. I Promised To give you ten free to support or to enable, to go to Samokov and hope it Will Be neat to Perform. ”

2. A. Thomson,  Letter to Qiriazi Gjerasim , September 10, 1885: “I paid 10 Turkish Lira to your brother, George, WHO Attend school in Samokov and Hope That I Will Be Able to collect the Same Many other for years His study there . But I have not yet found any church, to send a mission to Albania. the Relief Society of Missionaries in Turkey has Promised 25 free for two years and sent me something more, That will help George. But I can not make any Promises for the future. ”

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