Dr.sc.Ilmi Veliu, director of the Museum Kicevo Imam Vehbi Ismail FOR Mithat Frasheri (a paper at a debate organized by Alphabet Bitola Museum)
On 1 September 1979, 36 years ago, taking part in a rally Albanians in Chicago, and was met with njohtova activity and huge tireless patriot, Imam Vehbi Ismaili who lived, acted and served as a mosque preacher in Albania to Detroit.
In the conversation I informed him that we Albanians who lived, worked and acted in Chicago, within the Albanian Youth Association ,, ,, where there was a Albanians affiliated from all lands, had decided that on October 3, before beginning preparations feast for the flag, to organize a kind of tribune or memorial dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the death of the genius Mithat Frasheri nation.
I was very surprised and open-mouthed when Imam Vehbi Ismaili informed me that he durtë labors had ordered and prepared the body without life Mithat Frasheri and that he and a close associate patriot, Talat Karagjozi, had organized and conducted all ceremonies, religious and national, about the preparation and burial of the son of Abdul-Mithatit Frasher.
Although they spent 30 full years from the day that he died Mithat Frasheri, Imam Vehbi Ismaili was thrilled without measure and account for the Mithat Frasheri started from scratch.
A Sunday, more precisely on October 2, 1949, towards 12 o’clock the day, the close friend and reliable Mithatit, Talat Karagjozi, had gone to meet him and talking to compatriot hotel in Livingston ,, ,, to New York, where he had been placed Albanian patriot. He was shocked when he first realized that he had health was not good. After the alarm that Talat had given Albanians who knew Mithatin, the hotel had managed three Albanian doctors urgency, Laci Doctor, Ilia Chapulari NUC and Kota. Immediately and instantly has become a inzheksion. Laci doctor told Talat that the heart attack had been really serious and very serious. If repeated again zort that could blow
Talat had put into cognizance Imam Vehbi Ismail, his niece and closest friend and most reliable Mithatit, Mr. Hasan Dosti. From inzheksionet night he had slept a bit but at 7:30 am Then on Monday made a strong movement of the leg and arm. At 9:10 minutes had repeated the same action and movement. Imam Vehbi Karagjozi and Talat, who had guarded all night, again had alerted doktorinin and at the same time approached the bed, they began to speak and they touched hands, but he did not issue sound. After two or three minutes, went back towards me, said Imam Vehbi, had opened his eyes, he had made the sign of decrease, he laid his right hand on his hand and had remained so with eyes open without derived word of mouth.
We who were close to him realized that his life ended përpërherë said Imam Vehbi and confirmed that the Albanian doctor who within a few minutes came and stood at the head …
Imam Vehbi Ismaili showed another theory that was circulated and kept qarkuloi among Albanians that Mithati as a major opponent of communism it was, had poisoned Tito’s secret broker them Enver which at that time were many in America and Europe.

Then the lifeless body of patriot had been placed in a large hall where they were fully placed wreaths from 25 organizations, various groups and personalities. Impromptu, speech had held Nuci Kota on behalf of the National Committee “Free Albania”, Grigor Tashko, on behalf of the International Peasant Union ,, and ,, Ms. Gold Velka on behalf of the American-born Albanian youth. Speeches were held in English, but also in English. The coffin was covered with the national flag and the hall had about 300 people. The procession was very long until the cemetery “Frencklifft” in New York. Chair of the Committee “Free Albania” after the death of Midhat Frasheri, moved to his most reliable of the closest friend and collaborator take, lawyer Hasan Dosti
Near the cemetery, the coffin had issued out of the car and had held in his arms, to the place where he will be buried. On this occasion, Father Paul Rado had delivered a speech where among other things he said ,, … Today we lost forever, servant of Albania. Today under this sky muzgur, worthy heir Frashërllinjëve, Birmingham and apostle of the English Renaissance, the great soldier nation’s resistance robni, exactly when he was fighting in front of the free world for freedom and self nation, a great hope in among so desperately, Mithat Frashëri, to be extinguished extinguished. Another friend of Mithatit, Baedhyl Pogoni, recited some verses from the poem ,, ,, Your Light written by genius Mithat Frasheri …:

Exile in a foreign land, exiled in the black sky ..
funeral ceremony had concluded he was also replaced Mithatin the chairmanship of the Committee for Free Albania ,, ,, Hasan Dosti, of the speech which had then been published in newspaper Flag ,, ,, who possessed the Imam Vehbi Ismaili. Here’s the latest word Hasan Dosti for Mithat Frasheri.
Born on Jan 25 mars1880. He was the son and grandson of Abdul Sami Frasher who even raised. He schooling ended in Istanbul. After finishing school, so he worked in the Ottoman administration and then passed on, also in the state administration. There becomes a member of the Thessaloniki club and began to be activated in Albanian politics, being one of the most prominent figures in Albanian politics in the first half of the twentieth century. In domestic sources in 1908, it begins publishing the newspaper “Freedom” in Thessaloniki.
Participated in the Bitola Congress November 22, 1908. He was elected president of the Congress and Vice-President of the Commission for drafting of the alphabet, where the president was George Fisher.
Is appointed a minister in the government of independence created by Ismail_Qemali. On resign from the post of minister of indignation against the prime position on the siege of Ioannina. Welcomed the arrival in Albania and helped the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the departure of Prince Wilhelm, he left Albania and up to 1918 lives in several Balkan countries. In Sofia in 1915, he published the book “Notes on a trip to Switzerland.” In deciding where to Bucharest arrested and interned in Moldova. In 1918, with the end of the First World War, it allowed to leave and placed in Lucerne, Switzerland where he addressed a memorandum to the Conference of European art powers which prepared the creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. On this occasion, he states that “Without solving the Albanian problem will not be the final solution borders in the Balkans.” 1924-1925 has been more representative of Albania in Athens, who cared more about the plight of Albanians in genocide “. In begins to again publish the magazine in Tirana knowledge he had founded in Thessaloniki in 1909> and later in Bucharest during his stay there. The city establishes library named Lumo Skëndo ,, ,, which bestows library all the books they possessed were many in number. and later in Bucharest during his stay there. The city establishes library named Lumo Skëndo ,, ,, which bestows library all the books they possessed were many in number. and later in Bucharest during his stay there. The city establishes library named Lumo Skëndo ,, ,, which bestows library all the books they possessed were many in number.
In the year after Italy’s entry into Albania decides to return and deal with politics, hoping that the moment had come to become the unification of Albanian lands once and forever .. Participates in the Mukje Congress in August 1943. It was opponent indeed a great many of the Albanian Communist Party because the party was founded by the Yugoslavs and dirigjohej of them in order to bëhrj scattering of Albanians and at the end they still remain fragmented.
Fearing that liquidation was prepared by Tempo, Miladin and Dusan Mugosa, in November 1944 forced to flee from Albania and placed in Ita li.
On May 12, 1949 granted visa to come to America, but it has changed very quickly and be here in these graves interrupted all his plans for Albania’s mother.
Besides data was quoted to have the memory and keep my good friend and who is not alive, Imam Vehbi Ismaili, who gave some statements that were marked by Mithat Frasheri mouth as you are ,, ,,,,
,, Lasso of nature-lover’s vanity, ie only do the useless items. It is full of hatred and selfishness. I do not ever like to see the guilt and recognize his shortcomings, he is ready and likes to incriminate the other and charge only. I say that even today, after 66 years since his death, this phrase should not hiekim no commas because Albanian nukj played a chance to go forward and there hiekur removed any Grice from Hilyat and vices mentioned Mithat Frashëri 66 years ago.
“Our people, continues Mithati, more than any thing is impatient,” adding that we think we live for now, and never think we work for our future and that brezavet us leave behind.
He travels in Albania … surprised to notice that these trees are old and s’gjen as a new wood between them …! Is there any Albanian to be working, tired and planting new trees and wait for their tree. ”
Eka has been talking about education and education of younger generations, the Albanian youth, which will remain ardhmeria, I once again I would repeat the question, do you have change moved Albanians in a positive direction from the time when Mithat Frasheri has said and written these golden words for Albanians or stay in the country. From what we see in the Albanian lands, there is nothing moving and words of the great Mithat are quite current.
Even today the poor Albanian only do the useless items is full of hatred and selfishness against Albanian brother, does not accept Albanians Next skills and successes, not like ever to see and recognize guilt and shortcomings of tia, it is ready and He likes to incriminate the only other charge. Thank you.
Bitola, 11.22.2015