SUBJECT: “Qiriazi George Monastery AND CONGRESS”

Neither Each nation and Our people HAD to make an effort basis and constant wars centuries to preserve Their mother tongue and national identification. We can say that rate the nineteenth century Was The Time Generally the formation of national states in Europe so Our renaissance tried to show the world That Albanians are a nation with a history, a culture and speak a unique language That differed from other Nations the Balkans and beyond. Albanian patriots Renaissance Were Particularly Concerned about the Lack of a common alphabet for all Albanians. The purpose of These patriots Was to Protect Its national features, as well as Strengthening national unity and Political consciousness,They Were known as the benefits and results of the consolidation and development of the Albanian language and culture with an alphabet recognized by the whole nation. Our Renaissance wrote repeatedly That without the written Albanian language Can not Be Albania and Albanians, That the preservation and extension of the Albanian language depends not only the Unification of Albanians, But Also the Existence or extinction of the Albanian nation. The well-known linguist Albanian language, Constantine Kristoforidhi 1888 wrote:

“In Hell, swimming shkroftë the Albanian language today MBE this day won’t Many years go

Will the EU and no longer built R Albania face of the earth nor Will it be Marked on name

Albania built R map of the world ”

Writing with security and the extension of the Albanian language Albanians Was A Necessary condition To Be Done face asimiluesetë Impacts languages and cultures of neighboring Countries, Which in the late nineteenth century and twentieth century fillimtë Were more dangerous than the Middle Ages, Because it Threatened the Existence of the Albanian nation and Were an Obstacle to national unity, with the main goal to disrupt and to Prepare the ground for the invasion of Their territories. We know that rate the Ottoman Authorities allowed all neighboring peoples, Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Italians to open schools on Albanian soil, to Suppress newspapers in Their own language, the propaganda in favor of Their Interests and to the detriment Albanians.Situation This led to irritate you Albanians in the first place Were Albanian intellectuals. Therefore, learning and a common Afabet for all Albanians became the main challenge of Every patriot. With the permission of the Ottoman Authorities, WHO never judged right, Greeks and Serbs pour Their venom and hatred Against Albanians schools Along with the Ottoman Empire .Dihet Well That Was always at risk for oasmanët Albanians, Serbs, Bulgarians and Greeks When outspoken on the national rights of Albanians That .at my doctor, Political Activities, well-known patriot Ibrahim Ethem Temo wrote: “The rights of Albanians being Taken Underfoot.” it allowed us to

We write and sing Our native Albanian. Bring a thousand Obstacles That say, stay as We Were to submit to the Poisonous propaganda of schools of foreign churches, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian, Italian and Austrian yes. ” Albania’s Enemies Were Trying to deepen divisions between the Albanian Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim by paraqitutr as Greek Orthodox, Catholics as Latinos and Muslims as Turks. Later Began the Criminal Acts of the Greek shovenitëve and curses Against clerical grekomane Albanian Orthodox patriots. So there were Massacres of Greeks Finally starting from the nineteenth century to the poisoning of Naum Veqilharxhi 1846 and continued with the killing of Pandeli Sotiri 1891 in Istanbul, Papa Kristo Negovani 1905 and so on.Howevera, Albanian intellectuals provede decisive and braved terror as the Ottoman Rulers, nor the barbarity of armed gangs in neighboring states. So after the Young Turk Revolution’s triumph and after the arrival of the new ruling Turks WHO overthrew Sultan Abdulhamid in 1908, the rights of peoples as being përmërësuan. This Situation with Maturity, understanding and courage shfrytëtuan Albanian patriots opening clubs in Every corner of the Albanian lands. In this so magnificent job with the Highest national value Was Engaged by Qiriazi Family Monastery, Which moral power all, material, spiritual and intellectual devoted to national Issues, Both in terms savior, Also in the Cultural-Educational by 5 forgiving nation intellectuals: Gjerasim George, Kriston, Sevastinë the Parashqevinë.Growing up in patriotic spirit children Dimitri and Mary Qiriazi Followed The Same path, the path of patriotism and knowledge. One of Those children Was Qiriazi George. George, like Gjerasim His brother, Was A Believer convinced ot Preach the Gospel of Christ without fear in the Albanian language. He studied at the American College in Samakov, Bulgaria and worked for the British and Foreign Bible Society to Distribute Bibles in English and grammar books. Later, after the early death of Gjerasim brother, Took over the Albanian School of Girls in Korçëpër a time, Making It Possible for schools to Remain open and active. Qiriazi George became an Important figure in the movement for independence.In 1905 he Was one of the founding members of the secret committee “For Freedom of Albania” the Bajo Topullit, Which collaborated with Fehim Zavalani Gligor Cilkën, Nuci Naci Michael Grameno etc. George Qiriazi a great merit goes to the journalist, the newspaper ran patriotic intelligence committee Supplied with books and school boys in Korca. He in 1909 Was one of the founders of the newspaper “Union Nation” Which Deal with the publication of Albanian literature Which made it Possible for Albanians to learn and read in Their own language. The newspaper “Union Nation” Had A great importancia Because Through this newspaper calling on Albanians to swear freed from foreign yoke. In 1902, in Sofia, Bulgaria, published the book “Kristomadhi” Gjerasim His brother,That it is known George Heard this book worth nesting Some preface and poems. 1906 W. Qiriazi in Sofia has published the book “Holy Song”, translated the book “The Way of Shtegëtarit” John Bunyan, published physics text “Physics” in 1899 in Bucharest. Qiriazi George takes a special place in the organization of the Congress of Monastir, the Unification of the Albanian alphabet, Which Was Held on November 14 and continued work Until 22 November 1908. Given that rate the collection of first day, wasn’t present Mithat Frashëri WHO I was appointed as Chairman of bis George Qiriazi place to replace the time to swear missing. In the Monastery Congress Was attended by 50 Delegates Representing 26 clubs and Societies Albanian Albanian Vilayets,There were soft Delegates Representing the Albanian American Colonies, Egypt, Romania’s etc. In the Monastery Congress with the right to vote Delegates Were 32 and 18 non-voting Delegates. In Keren Congress for consideration Were Brought three Alphabets, one of Istanbul or Sami Frasher as Some call it Formed in 1879, shortly after the Berlin infamous Congress Held on July 13, 1878 The literary language society “Union” of Shkodra of 1899 That he Formed the abbot iMirditës Preng Doci, literary language and alphabet of society – cultural “Dawn” Shkodra Formed in 1901 by Ndre Mjeda. In the Monastery Congress 1908 Qiriazi George Was one of the distinguished akrivistët Where he played the role of president on the first day of the Congress as a delegate of the company “Union”the role of Vice President, member of the House attended by 11 Commissioners and the role of the informant nor informs and explains the acceptance of the two Alphabets by letters and telegrams. So the Albanian nation and Albania needs men like George Qiiazi WHO worked with all His being, and Risked Contributed to Albanianism and development of culture.

Worked: Mendushe Rushid – Ajdini, 19. 12. Bitola (Saturday)